£5 Million Donation Will Help Establish UK Mesothelioma Research Center

£5 Million Donation Will Help Establish UK Mesothelioma Research Center

The British Lung Foundation has just announced a donation of £5 million British pounds (about $6.23 million U.S.) from the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation, matching government funding that was announced earlier this year.

The donation will support the establishment of a new National Mesothelioma Research Centre and a new Mesothelioma Research Network.

The National Mesothelioma Research Centre will host the joint efforts of the University of Leicester and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge, together with Imperial College London.

The three leading institutions will be working in collaboration with other expert centers worldwide through the new Mesothelioma Research Network.

The Mesothelioma Research Network will focus on advancing new treatments for mesothelioma.

“This investment will help to speed up much needed progress in finding better treatments and, eventually, a cure for this awful killer disease,” said Dr. Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, in a press release.

“We will continue to pursue further funding from individuals and industry, including insurers and businesses, to secure the long-term future of the Mesothelioma Research Network. We won’t stop until a cure is found,” Woods added.

The Victor Dahdaleh Foundation was founded by businessman and philanthropist Victor Dahdaleh to support education and healthcare worldwide. In support of global health advancement, the Dahdaleh foundation donates to several medical and research programs, funding areas like cancer or lung and cardiovascular health.

“While the UK already has world leading expertise in studying and treating mesothelioma, we hope that our donation, matching the government funding announced earlier this year, will enhance research programs and enable closer collaboration between all those working hard to bring tangible benefits to patients affected by this dreadful disease,” Dahdaleh said.

Mesothelioma is estimated to affect more than 5,400 people in the United Kingdom and the numbers have been increasing over the last four decades.

In related news, earlier this year, the British Lung Foundation updated the development status of a new bioresource, MesobanK UK, which was co-financed by the lung foundation.

MesobanK UK comprises hundreds of pleural mesothelioma tissue samples to provide for the systematic collection, curation, and quality assurance of well-annotated mesothelioma tissue. When completed, the collection will include a 750-patient tissue microarray, and prospectively collected tissue, blood, and pleural fluid from 300 patients with mesothelioma. It will also offer 26 new cell lines for in vitro studies.

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