A New Approach to Treating Mesothelioma

In this video by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, we’re introduced to Dr. John Cho, radiation oncologist, talking about new and up-and-coming approaches to treating mesothelioma, which is extending the lifespan of some patients and helping some recover from surgeries and treatments more quickly. He also talks about how these upcoming years will hit the peak of asbestos-related diseases being diagnosed in Canada, due to asbestos only being banned in the early 80s.

Dr. Cho also speaks about the difficulties in studies and further research, since there are not as many people developing the disease in comparison with other types of cancer. Dr. Cho explains their new approach, using chemotherapy prior to the surgery, in a way that hopefully diminishes the tumour to make the surgery easier to perform, and then using radiation after surgery, due to the risk of persistent disease.

It’s not an easy procedure, and it requires careful and constant surveillance between the radiation oncologist and his team since the dosage exceeds the safety regulations.

Learn more about mesothelioma here: http://bit.ly/MesoRN

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