Immunotherapy’s Current Role in Mesothelioma Treatment

Immunotherapy is when the patient’s immune system is boosted to help fight cancer cells. In this video from OncLiveTV, Professor of Cancer Research Dr. Luciano Mutti from the University of Salford in Manchester talks about the current role of immunotherapy in mesothelioma treatment.

Many scientists have lost faith in immunotherapy for mesothelioma treatment, but the Mayo Clinic is still hopeful. Find out more.

He explains the current role of immunotherapy is largely unknown and that there’s biological evidence against the use of immunotherapy because of the low mutational load of mesothelioma cancer cells and other aspects, including a low PH environment and an acidic environment. Dr. Mutti stresses that much more research is needed as mesothelioma doesn’t react the same way to immunotherapy as other types of cancer.

Report on mesothelioma immunotherapy suggests a future in combination approaches. Read more here.

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