7 Tips for Families and Caregivers of Cancer Patients

The news of a loved one’s cancer diagnosis is devasting for the whole family and if you’re going to become a caregiver, it will change your life just as much as the patient’s. Being a caregiver is a difficult and emotionally draining task, and can at times even feel like a thankless job, but there are ways that you can manage your new role while still looking after yourself. With help from cancer.net, we’ve come up with some suggestions to help make life as a caregiver easier.

Remember you’re part of a team. 

You are not the sole provider of care for your loved one, you are part of a team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Use them as often as you need them, telephone or email them for advice when you need it, and use the services they provide. Try to extend your team and make use of any other local resources available to you. If you can’t afford professional services, find out if there are any volunteer services in your area that could come and help you.

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