Eagle Pharmaceuticals Waiting for FDA Approval of New Chemo Drug

Eagle Pharmaceuticals is waiting for the FDA to approve a new form of the chemotherapy drug, pemetrexed (Alimta).  The company has produced a ready-to-dilute multi-dose formula which will work in the same way as the powdered form of the drug.

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Alimta inhibits the synthesis of nucleotides which make up DNA strands, this lessens the cells ability to divide and kills them off. The drug is currently used to treat patients with mesothelioma and some patients with lung cancer and is combined with the chemotherapy drug Platinol.

The new form of the drug will be administered via IV infusion, however doctors will no longer need to dilute the powder as the drug will already be diluted in saline. They will just need to dilute the Alimta saline solution to get it to the desired concentration. Read more about this story here. 

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