Could A Virus Be the Answer to Treating Mesothelioma?

A recent Japanese study used a virus to attack mesothelioma cells in mice models. A research team from Kyushu University designed a virus that infects the mesothelioma cells and kills them off. It was first used in laboratory-grown cells, however researchers found it was not equally effective across different types of mesothelioma.

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In the mouse models, the mesothelioma cells were kept from forming when injected with the virus. They experimented on mice who already had mesothelioma but found that although some of the cancer cells were killed off and the mice lived slightly longer, there wasn’t a significant change.

The study team concluded that more research needed to be done to determine if the inclusion of the virus triggered an autoimmune response and if this had an effect on the treatment. Find out more about this study here. 

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