Journalist Describes Shock Over Mesothelioma Diagnosis

When sports journalist Trevor Grant found out he had cancer at the age of 63 he was surprised, but when the doctors explained that he had mesothelioma he was shocked—how did that happen?

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In an article he wrote for, Grant explains that while he had heard of the disease, he thought it was a disease that carpenters, plumbers and factory workers got, not someone who had spent 40 years working for various newspaper publications in Melbourne, Australia.

It turns out that two of the newspaper offices Grant worked in were riddled with asbestos. The old buildings were decaying so unbeknownst to him and his colleagues, asbestos dust was slowly leaching into their working environment. Dust they were breathing in each day.

Grant took the owner of the newspaper to court and received a settlement. His battle now lies with the health authorities who won’t cover the cost of his Keytruda treatment, which he now has to fund himself. Find out more about Grant’s story here.

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