6 Pieces of Home Medical Equipment That Can Help Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops from the tissue covering the internal organs. As the disease mainly affects the lungs, symptoms can consist of shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing. According to mesothelioma.org and the medical community, the disease is caused by asbestos exposure.

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There are a number of measures that can be taken by mesothelioma patients to ease their symptoms and manage their condition at home. Asbestos.com has some helpful information regarding mesothelioma and home equipment.

Respiratory Equipment
Pleural mesothelioma accounts for the majority of mesothelioma cases, which means patients will have difficulty breathing because of fluid build-up in the lungs. To help ease these symptoms, doctors will often prescribe the following respiratory equipment:

  • Mechanical ventilator: Breathing can become difficult and painful in the advanced stages of the disease. Therefore the patient may be prescribed a mechanical ventilator, or breathing machine, which is connected to the patient by the nose or mouth and blows a mixture of air and oxygen directly into the windpipe to help the patient breathe more easily.
  • Spirometer: This is a piece of equipment used to measure lung function, made of tubing, a mouthpiece and a recording device. The patient exhales into the tubing and the volume of air is measured by the recording device.
  • Portable oxygen tank: This is a lightweight oxygen cylinder that patients can take outside with them, allowing them to travel and enjoy the outdoors.

Home equipment

  • Hospital beds: Hospital beds can be taken outside of the hospital environment to make a patient’s life a little easier. As the beds are adjustable, the patient is able to sit up on their own and the rails prevent them from falling.
  • Wheelchairs: For patients who have severe difficulties breathing, a wheelchair might be provided to assist them.
  • Shower chairs: Some mesothelioma patients have difficulty standing for a long time. A shower chair can be fitted to a walk-in shower, providing the patient with a safe and comfortable way to shower.

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