What’s New in Malignant Mesothelioma Research and Treatment?

According to the American Cancer Society, researchers are constantly studying new ways to treat and possibly prevent mesothelioma. However, there is still a lot to be learned about this disease, despite a number of recent developments.

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Causes and Prevention
One of the keys to combatting the disease is learning how to prevent it. Researchers are still learning more about the asbestos fibres which cause mesothelioma and asbestos is now a public health issue. This means that exposure can now be limited or stopped, helping to prevent workers from developing the disease in the first place.


Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can be effective in the treatment of mesothelioma, stopping mesotheliomas’ growth or reducing their size, however, the effects are short-term. New research is still being carried out to try and find more effective methods of using chemotherapy.

Photodynamic therapy: This treatment injects a light-activated drug into the vein, passing through the body and collecting in affected cells. Later (usually after surgery), a red light is placed into the chest which activates the drug and destroys the cancer cells.

Targeted drugs: These drugs work differently than chemotherapy drugs, and come with different, and normally fewer, side effects. Recent research shows promise in the use of Sunitinib (Sutent) to treat mesothelioma.

Gene therapy: This is when newer cells are added to affected cancer cells, making them easier to destroy. One method is to inject lab-created viruses into the mesothelioma cells. The virus carries a gene that attacks the mesothelioma cells, helping to destroy them.

Immunotherapy: Immune cells are removed from the blood and treated to make them react to cancer cells. They are then injected back into the patient in a transfusion with the hope that they attack the cancer cells.

Virus therapies: Researchers are exploring the possibility of viruses to be used to attack cancer cells, either to attack the cells directly or trigger the immune system to attack the cells.

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